What is the Best Time To Workout?

What Is The Best Time To Workout?

There are many schools of thought as to what time is the best time to work-out, whether morning, midday or even the evening to night time. Different people perform workouts to achieve certain personal goals like slow the rate of aging, strengthen your cardiovascular or even archive weight loss. People tend to have different workout routines depending on various constraints like availability of time or even body activity level.

Morning Time

Some of us do like to hit the gym around 5 am – way before the rest of the so that we can get that jump start for the day. Some how it seems to make our day – help us to “wake up”. If you work out before you have breakfast – you will tend to burn more fats. This is so – since you would have had a period of fasting during your sleep. You are burning some fat as well since there are no carbohydrates in your stomach to use as a form of energy. When you exercise on an empty stomach – you will also burn protein, as your body need a source of energy.

But where is that protein coming from to give you energy? The short answer – from your muscle. It will be some muscle that is used as a form of energy. You’ll also need to put back in some electrolytes and all the carbs to help the body recover quickly. If you do not replenish – it’ll mess your metabolism up.

After a Light Snack

If you exercise after you have had a light snack however, it’ll actually help your metabolism. As your body comes out of sleep and fasting period, the snack will help jump start your metabolic rate, since metabolism will be at is lowest point then.

The body has spent the night – maybe trying to digest that last heavy meal, as well as repairing itself and it now needs that energy to function for the day. When you get up and move first thing in the morning you get the blood pumping as well as the digestive system starts kicking back into high gear as the body warms up.

This is now an ideal time to work out as your metabolism is moving into the ideal setting. You’ll also feel a heightened sensation of well-being from the workout at this time.

Evening Time

Exercising in the evening is touted to help as a sleep aid and enables persons to have a more restful night’s rest. This holds true only if you allow yourself enough time to wind down after the workout before heading off to bed. When you do not allow enough time to unwind after a work out in the evening, your adrenaline is still high and your body is still in this mode. You will have a problem falling asleep.

Beyond that, and you make provisions for a cool down period before heading to bed after your exercise, then this is a good form of managing stress and acting as a stress reducer for the day’s activities. It is also – for those who live is cold climates acting as a “keep warm” cozy feeling.

Lets break it all down…

1). Morning workout

The main attribute of morning workouts came from a research that was conducted by the Appalachian State University the research showed that those who engage in morning workouts tend to power down during night hours and produce more Human Growth Hormones (HGH) than evening trainers.

Pros of Morning Workouts

-early morning workouts increase your metabolism.

-with morning workouts you can ensure that you have enough energy to carry you throughout your day.

-morning workouts will ensure that you have good evening sleep.

-helps you start the day with a positive mindset.

-good time for cardio as it can help you burn up to 20% more fat. This is according to the British journal on nutrition studies.

Cons of Morning Workouts

-you have to wake up early in order to get to your daily work out routine.

-with morning workouts you have a high chance of injury as the body joints and muscles are still stiff.

One of the main persons who recommend Morning workouts is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who is usually up by 4:30 AM for a day workout.

2). Evening Workouts

Research conducted by the same Appalachian State University also concluded that evening workouts increase body temperature which in turn makes you sleep soundly. This busts the myth that evening workout keeps you sharp for evening activities like night shift duties.

Pros of Evening Workouts

– Evening workouts will ensure that you can have a longer lie in

-if during the day you have undergone alot of pressure and stress maybe from job related activities, then evening workout can act as a good stress relief.

-this is the best time for strength workouts as your anaerobic levels are up to 7% higher.

– body is more relaxed and injuries are at a minimal.

Cons of Evening Workouts

-high numbers of distractions like evening social events.

-at most times there is overcrowding at gyms due to the fact that most people are free from work.

-at night one may experience workout limitation due to some facts like security. You can not jog over long distances at night when there may be no proper lighting.

Do you known Usain Bolt? Well he is among the people that prefers evening workouts. So if you want to break world records and set new ones, now you know better.

Always choose the best time that fits your lifestyle. For early risers try the morning workouts and if your early mornings are crowded with no space in between try the evening workouts. In reality, it really is YOUR personal decision…just be certain to have the adequate amount of rest between your workout sessions.