What is Your 2018 Fitness Plan?

What is Your New Year Fitness Plan

As the new year quickly approaches, many persons including ourselves, start to consider the resolutions and how to execute them as best as we can in the coming year.

The act of making resolutions is not a bad practice, and persons should consider making plans which are achievable, and to engage the help of a partner to add to the motivation. We can all do just a little bit better than we did last year or even this current year.

Perhaps it was portion sizes that messed us up as compared to serving size, or rather it could have been the new born baby, or even some depression due to our circumstances. On the other hand, we know that some persons made it through the thick and thin of things…and continued the Yoga Classes and Meditation Techniques while managing the stress challenges in daily living.

One way to consider improving is to rather than take a big chunk and try to transform that a whole lot, it is simply easier to do just 1% more improvement on something. This was widely proven in the transformation of Britain’s dominance in the 2012 Rio Olympics, where seemingly non-essential but critical areas were improved just by a little bit. This effort has a cumulative effect and therefore over the next year, the 1% improvement which you do in your fitness fusion can easily lead to forty or even fifty percent change.

Some of us as usual, will need a bit of assistance in this…maybe some suggestions on where we can improve our 1 % to benefit on our healthy path.

Easy Steps to consider include:

* Walking or Jogging just one more Kilometer than in 2017

If we are accustomed to walking or jogging a 5 km distance in our aerobic exercise then simply for the first month into the new year just add an additional 0.5 km to our routine. Naturally 0.5 km may not feel like very much in the first instance. However in the overall scheme of things – we would have moved from 5 km to 5.5km and eventually we’d be up to 6, 7 and 8 km over time. We can even consider rewarding ourselves each time we add another kilometer.

* Reaching – 5 Servings of Fruit or Vegetables per day

Fruit and vegetables are an important part of any diet. In fact this food group is jam packed with vitamins and fiber are good for our bodies in many ways.  These include vitamin C, potassium and folate some of which many of use do not get enough in quantity, as well as anti-oxidants which helps fight cancers and those pesky free radicals. The fiber is widely known to help reduce cholesterol. Now a serving size for fruit is about the size of a tennis ball as an average measurement or for more precise detail one cup. One of the key things is that the fruits must be varied so that there is a wide spread of nutrients which our bodies will receive.

If you need a bit of motivation here as well – then you can consider that these fruit can help in weight loss or assist persons on a restricted or low-carb diet. Think of fruit and vegetables when you are also looking to count your calories. Other sections of the media show the benefits of the daily required fruit and vegetable intake gave positive results…

…Apples and pears; citrus fruits; salads and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and chicory; and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower may all help in the prevention of heart disease, stroke, and early death.

The analysis also showed that green vegetables, such as spinach or green beans; yellow vegetables, such as peppers and carrots; and cruciferous vegetables may help reduce cancer risk.” cbsnews.com

* Consuming just a bit more water and a little less sugary drink.

Did you know that consuming just a bit more water and less soda pops and sugary drinks actually help to slow down your ageing process. Additionally your mental activity, creativity and performance is significantly enhanced. Remember every cell in the body, every molecule, require water to function properly… An added benefit is that your immunity is boosted as well as the metabolism, and the breakdown of food is made a bit more efficient. A little less sugary drink – surely you’ll miss it in the beginning, but then your body quickly adjusts to the new way of living.

While you may like the taste of the sugary beverages, it must be considered that consuming these drinks give you loads of calories which are considered “empty”. They are empty – because even after consuming them, you still do not feel full as compared to eating a fruit or vegetable with an equal caloric amount.  More sugary drinks used increases the chances of diabetes, or obesity. Therefore your weight loss program is compromised.

* De-stressing just a bit more often

Who isn’t stressed? Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we are not super human, and therefore cannot control quite a few things. In fact many schools of thought suggest that we should only really sweat those things which we definitely have control over and nothing more. Its not to say that we should be stress free, as just a little bit of stress is actually very good for us to function effectively.

Stress if left unchecked can subsequently lead to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and even diabetes. In other ways, stress impacts sleep processes and lend to insomnia or panic attacks as well as poor dietary decisions in many cases.  What causes stress in one person may be of little concern to another. Some people are better able to handle stress than others.


Now there are quite a few other little 1% of things which we can work on improving and incorporating into our daily routine. Once effectively implemented then our friends and circles will be quick to point out our improvement. Of course some will be just a bit jealous of our efforts to improve our fitness routine, but hey – its about you and your quality of life, and remember to take us along with you for the journey.

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