What you need to know about detox teas

Are You Having Tea?

The marketing teams of detox or weight loss teas know just what their consumers want and make claims such as melt the fat away in 30 days. In fact, some even claim to show results in a matter of days. Whether these claims are true, they are still certain qualities about detox teas that you need to know.

Chemical Overload

The ingredients are not always quantified. The varying leaves and roots which make up detox teas contain certain chemicals which initiate or encourage the weight loss process. However, much like general prescription medication, these chemicals should be quantified to provide an appropriate dosage for the patient. Inappropriate dosages can cause adverse effects such as diarrhea, dehydration and nausea.

Hidden Effects

Along with the chemical overload they are other effects that have yet to be discovered. The research done on the effects of detox teas on the human body is limited. Continuous consumption of detox teas can increase your chances of experiencing some peculiar side effects such as nervousness, muscle spasms and cramps. Drug interactions are also possible if the teas are consumed along with medications. Furthermore, what are you putting into your body? Some detox teas are a mere naturalist concoction with a teaspoon of this and tablespoon of that and a handful of bushes which were selected on a personal preference basis rather than by proven facts.

Sleep Deprivation

Detox teas may contain caffeine which is known to energize the body. If consumed to close to sleep time then it may cause insomnia. A good quality sleep is necessary for a healthy body. Sleep deprivation can increase stress in the body and further cause your body to hold onto the excess fat you desire to lose. It is also much more difficult to exercise when you are low on energy because of lack of sleep.

You must still exercise and eat right.

Detox teas do encourage weight loss but in most cases this is water weight that is lost. There is only so much a tea can do! You must be careful with your meal selection as well as your frequency of exercise. Chances are after the water weight is gone there is still more work to be done that a tea alone cannot help you with. Also, if your detox tea is claiming to help you cut fat then you must be very cautious because this tea may interfere with your normal digestion and cause severe diarrhea and vomiting.

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