Why Cardio Why?

Cardio is a shortened term for cardiovascular exercise.

This type of exercise increases your heart rate and thus it increases the flow of blood within your system. Cardio is the type of exercise that you either like it or hate it. Some of us love a long jog on the countryside while others can’t even get our minds around the idea of going for a run. “Why would anyone want to go running???” is what some of us might say. Despite all the feelings and opinions that people have towards cardio, it has its place and it is important.

Cardiovascular exercise is one sure way to encourage fat loss. Since this form of exercise increases your heart rate, it therefore means

that you begin to consume more energy than you put in. And this is the basic principle behind fat loss; to burn off more than you put in. So, the jog or run along the countryside has great benefits as it can help you to drop those pounds.


Cardio strengthens the muscles. The heart is a vital organ that facilitates blood circulation. Yes, this is true but the heart is also a muscle and muscles need to be challenged to be strengthened or they will naturally weaken. The intense heart pumping that occurs during cardio is an excellent challenge for your heart. With continued exposure, your heart will become stronger and it will also work more efficiently. As with any other muscle, the stronger it is the easier certain everyday task become. You may notice that cardio improves your resting heart rate and blood pressure.

For Oxygen

An enhanced heart muscle implies that your blood is getting where it needs to more quickly. This means that the Oxygen you breathe in is getting to your muscles more quickly to provide them with energy, and the waste products you produce like carbon dioxide will be released more quickly. So, fast energy in and fast waste out which is essentially an increased metabolism. You therefore will fill more energized throughout the day.

Why do you need some cardio? And why should you go for a run?

For Weight loss

For An improved heart rate

For An improved blood pressure

For a Boosted metabolism

For Stress Relief – Studies have shown that cardio also releases feel good hormones that can temporarily improve depression and relieve stress.

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