3 Ways To Motivate Our Teens To Get Fit

3 Ways to motivate our Teens to get fit…

Attaining fitness goals is not easy. It is even tougher for teenagers. Most of the teens we know or with whom you interact do require motivation to get fitter. This is one of the reasons why you need parents to be closer to their kids in order to keep encouraging them to work harder towards getting fitter, and staying fit.

Here are 3 Ways that we recommend to motivate our Teens to get fit.

Inspirational boards.

Inspiration boards can transform the life of your child over weeks. Create a visual board outlining the goals of training for your children. Make sure you hang the board where the children can easily look whenever they are free. Be very creation while designing the board. You can use magazine cut outs and other items to make the board more attractive. The board can include basket, soccer and volleyball players of all time.

Your children will definitely draw inspiration from the boards to get fitter. The goals must be written in large and clear letters so that children can see them from different positions.

Fitness App.

Fitness applications are among the best ways to inspire kids into training to become fitter. There are endless fitness apps on the market. There are applications that come for free while others require some form of payment. You can easily choose from the wide range to make your kids training easier. MyFitnessPal, LoseIt and Peer Personal Coach are among some of the best choices to consider. Again to the forefront of this entire drive is that it should be fun and interesting. Additionally you may be part of the team and work-out alongside your teen.There is nothing like team work.

Success Stories.

There are a number of challenges teens encounter while fighting to attain their fitness goals. There is also the peer pressure of their friends, which can drive them down further. However it is during this time that inspiration matters most. Find articles about teenagers who defied all odds to get fitter. The stories can be found on Magazines and of course Online among other places. Maybe in their favorite club and hang out spot, engage some young adult or role model to talk through the challenges of being a teen especially while trying to maintain a good body weight.

Along with this, our teens need as much support as they possibly can get, and the pressure of studies and growing up and trying to fit in all contribute to them turning at times to food as a comfort zone. Remember as well, that adults are still live examples to these youngsters, and we are reminded that we should also be setting an example. Take a look at our own dietary habits, salt intake, sugar levels and exercise routine, perhaps team up and do it as a collaboration.

In conclusion, training towards fitness is not difficult and the teens in our circle of influence can get on board. There are different ways you can inspire teens to work hard to become successful in their fitness.

The use of application, success stories and inspiration boards will work wonders for you. This is just the start.


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