A Unique Trick for Taking Care of Oily Skin

Do you have oily or combination skin? If you do, then you know that finding the right products to take care of your skin and reduce excess oil and shine can be a bit of a struggle.

Due to the overproduction of oil, you may find that your makeup doesn’t last as long as you’d like, that your skin feels a bit grimy as you go about your day, or you may struggle with excess shine in photographs, or flare ups of acne due to the blockage of oil ducts with skin cells, dirt and bacteria.

Oily skin can also be a bit sensitive, so using harsh cleansers, toners or other oil removing products in the hopes of controlling shine can actually make it worse. The skin’s natural oils help to protect it, so when they’re stripped away, the skin can respond by producing even more in an attempt to restore balance.

Having tried the full spectrum of products, tips and tricks for controlling shine, from face washes and toners designed for oily skin, to blotting wipes and oil controlling primers, I was surprised to stumble upon a simple tool for managing and taking care of oily skin. It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it works!

When you’re trying to get rid of oil, the last thing you would think of is adding more oil to your skin, but believe it or not, cleaning your face with oil can help.


How it works:

Have you ever used a bit of coconut or baby oil to help remove your makeup? (If you haven’t try it!) The reason that oil works so well for removing makeup is that oils dissolve oil based products. So as you apply oil to your face, it breaks down your makeup making it easier to wipe away.

In the same way, applying oil to your face dissolves your natural oils, breaking up the excess oil sitting on your skin and the sebum lodged in pores, making it easier to wash away. But unlike cleansers and soaps, it’s much gentler on the skin and doesn’t strip it of all of its naturally-produced oils leaving it feeling dry, tight and more prone to irritation.

Moisturized skin is happy skin and washing your face with oil leaves behind a thin layer of lubrication that keeps your face moisturized and can protect against the elements. This added moisture can also help to reduce the excess oil production that comes when your skin is being stripped of moisture.


How to do it:

Choose a light, natural oil. Look for a brand with no additives, perfume and limited processing. Coconut oil works well, and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, wound healing and sunscreen properties (and smells great!) Jojoba oil is another excellent choice as it mimics the skin’s own natural sebum.

Avoid heavy oils that may clog pores or be difficult to remove like castor oil or mineral oil.

Carefully apply a thin layer of oil to your face, being cautious not to spill it on to your clothing (oil stains can be pesky to remove!) then massage the oil over your face for a few minutes, using the same motions you would as if you were washing your face.

Wipe away any excess oil with a clean tissue then wash your face with warm water (cold water will make the oil solidify making it hard to remove) and a gentle, mild cleanser. Your face will feel clean, moisturized, light and over time you’ll see a noticeable difference.

Depending on what your skin can tolerate, use this method anywhere from once a week to once a day for fresh feeling skin, and reduced oiliness.

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