Developing Abs: Rocket Science or Simple Common Sense

Six pack abs; a great achievement, usually achieved by a few. Why is it so? Are you consistently trying to get your 6 pack ab but unable to develop them? Do not give up! Developing abs require – great discipline & unconditional determination…You must know what you are doing & how can the methodology applied be more effective…

There are plenty of exercises & articles on developing the abs but developing abs is not a rocket science; it is a simple common sense!

Focus on these 3 things & you can achieve great abs to flaunt very soon:



These two nutrients keep the body active & promotes higher metabolism-when there is no fat around the navel region, the abs start showing out themselves… Eat a lot of fruits & green leafy vegetables throughout the day; and you will notice that your bowel movements have been regularized…Have protein shakes post workout, you may also take a protein supplement tablet (1-2 dose of whey protein/fish oils) for building up muscles

Proteins are building blocks of body!!



A lot of people believe that running on a treadmill or doing regular cardio exercises will make them lose their awhich is not so; it is the other way round!

How Does it Happen?

When you perform cardio, your heart rate increases, calories start burning, hormones are regularized, fat is metabolized & that is how abs start building & showing up!

Be consistent with your cardio exercises, do them at least thrice a week & you will begin to see your abs developing!


Carbs & fat; the more you eat the more fat you develop around your stomach…They are the real time rivals to the abs, you see! Eat foods low in carbs & fats. Avoid eating too much of sugary & oily foods. They do no good. Do not UNDER EAT them that you become deficient of these two! Yes, every nutrient is important to the body, they serve their own purpose but over eating CARBS & FATS suits the tongue, not the stomach…

Do not consume more than 2 tps of sugar & oil per day.

Everyone loves to flaunt & when it comes to abs; then you need the right knowledge, the right set of exercises & yes the right food habits!

Author: Akansha Dalmia


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