Goga? Yoga?


The exponential increase in lifestyle related diseases and stress and the related deaths has focused the society to exercise, eat healthy and reduce the stress in our lives. This lifestyle change is no longer ‘a want to do’, it has become a ‘need to do’ for most of us; in fact it is now even a matter of survival.

Accordingly, more and more people are trying to exercise regularly; many have chosen the option of yoga, with both the benefits of exercise and the calming, stress-free zen environment of yoga.


It is thought this combination of exercise, stress relief and spiritual characteristics of yoga has increased the popularity of the practice of yoga significantly, in the western world, over the past decade. Yoga has become so popular with many persons, still others shy away because it is thought to be ‘too serious’. Yoga therefore
tended to attract the serious people’; it just wasn’t thought to be any fun.

Then Along Came GOGA – Where – Goats and Yoga Meet

The practice of yoga, with the playfulness of goats. The goats are used actively in the sessions and become yogi themselves…or playfully called ‘gogi’. The goats have been found to make many people more relaxed, especially the newcomers, and less worried about if the are getting the poses right.

Pros of Goga

  • You get all the benefits of yoga but in a fun environment.·
  • You get the benefits associated of animals.
  • It a well-accepted fact that contact with animals helps healing.
  • Goats are very playful animals and actually participate in the activities.
  • The group activity is more participative and even helps in the reduction of stress

The activity is spreading fast through the country and will soon be available in your locale.

Great fun for animal lovers – and don’t worry about the poo – many of the goats are clothed in diapers.

Cons of Goga

  • Any injury risk that would be associated with the practice of yoga will be there
  • No more totally quiet environment enjoyed by those who normally practice and enjoy yoga
  • Some persons are allergic to the goats
  • The goats are a little too frisky for some people
  • Sessions are mainly in the outdoors, wear closed toe shoes.

With the introduction of the innovative, fun spin on the practice of yoga there is very little excuse for most persons not to exercise regularly.

Have fun!!