3 Easy Exercises For Expectant Mum


This is an exciting time for everyone else. However with the amount of hormonal changes that may have already happened, you are excited one time, sad the other, and who knows about all the in-between! Well guess what, exercise can also help, in fact, exercising is still a good idea during these expectant months. What some expectant mothers may sense is that they are uncertain where to begin. This is fine, and what may be suggested is that each individual should only go as far and as much as they can ably manage. Any emphasis would be on moderate exercise.

Check with your doctor. Let your medical doctor give you clearance before your attempt anything. Additionally if there are any symptoms of anything such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Difficulty breathing prior to working out
  • Headaches
  • Swelling in the calves
  • Pre- eclampsia (pregnancy induced Hypertension)

The advice of your doctor is important.

Yoga. If you are doing Yoga, then be sure to let the instructor know that you are pregnant and which trimester you are in. It would be ideal to have a specialized yoga class for all those expectant mothers, as it also gives the group a unique bonding experience. Just as a matter of precaution, you may avoid:

  • Poses such as those that stretch those abdominal muscles too much
  • Those that are on your back (asanas)
  • Working out in a heated room or one that has too many persons in the class
  • Head-stands or Hand-stands

Reminder: please avoid the above during pregnancy

Pilates. This is an excellent form of exercise as your bump expands. Pilates gently strengthens the core as well as the pelvic floor muscles. This form of exercise also stretches the back and helps maintain flexibility in the limbs and trunk.Some expectant mothers learn breathing techniques which help them during labor and the delivery process.

Swimming. This form of exercise is another low impact way to get a work-out during these expectant months. You body becomes quite buoyant in the water and helps particularly to take some weight off of the lower limbs. This can be a significant relief, to help any extra weight, even though temporary. The beauty of this is that the body temperature remains cool, while working out for the 30 minute session. Since breathing must be controlled in this form of workout, this also acts to enhance during the critical time of delivery.The fluids which may cause swelling in the lower limbs are pushed back into circulation. Also it helps muscle tone and endurance especially when you need it most.

Congrats on your progress…and let us know how this has benefited you.