Stressed Out About Money


So you are STRESSED OUT about money…

Well for starters just take 5 minutes first…grab a cup of hot chocolate or warm milk and sit down!

At some point in time we all become stressed out about one thing or the other. It is important to take that moment when everything seems daunting and apply the brakes! Getting stressed out alone sometimes is more damaging than the very thing that we are freaking out about. In order to bring some semblance of how to cope, lets take a look at what we can do within our immediate power.

Calm Down

Laura Adams said it well, in her column “It’s absolutely possible to calm your body’s stress responses so you can think clearly and work on solutions, even if what’s stressing you out doesn’t go away.Though you may never completely eliminate all stress in your life, managing it can help you improve your relationships, health, and general sense of well-being”. If we don’t calm down, then our brains and our entire though process is so skewed that we make decisions which are likely to cause us further stress or disappointment.

Coach/Councilor – Find one.There must be someone qualified enough that can work through objectively where you are burning cash. Whether if it is to identify that we are spending more than we are earning or if there is debtors on our case. Along with putting the general structure in place to recover, this coach should ideally remind you to do some stuff from a mind and body perspective.

  1. Stay Healthy – sleep right, eat a balanced diet, do your own aerobics class (jog/run/skip). It makes no sense tackling a problem if you are in poor health. That just makes it all the more difficult. If your health has started to deteriorate, then your coach can put things in place to help you jump start your path to better health.

  2. The space to allow you to explore all of the feelings which you go through this period safely is important. The coach should not be judgmental but allow you to explode emotionally as well as to step back at times and enable you to walk through the space at that time, when you want to be left alone.

  3. Get Motivated – Do you know that there is a Mind-Body connection? If this is indeed so, then it makes sense to toughen up our mental facets. In fact there is that natural bit of motivation to do something. If we ramp that up a few times over, with the focus on being motivated to a) Identify a goal; b) Break it down into small steps and then c) Have a check mark over time as we progress, then we may very well be on our way to beating this financial predicament.

The coach as well may unearth within you a phenomenal skill set which you can use as a resource to make additional money. It makes not sense if you’ve found this latent talent and you are not healthy enough nor motivated enough to use it to your positive benefit. Maybe your going through this experience allows you to share with others and form a support group, and we all need a little bit of support.

Have a chat with a Stress Management Specialist, as they may also help you identify a trigger which you may have been avoiding that causes further stress. Many times that trigger is so close that we miss it.

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