7 Reasons – Why Skin Looks Dull

7 Reasons Why Skin Looks Dull

Contributing Author: Anu Shreekreeti

Nobody is comfortable with the thought of looking older than their age. The only reason the beauty industry has flourished in the past is because people love to look younger and prettier. People put lots of face masks, buy different products that can help their skin look fresh and young. They spend lots of money trying to maintain and enhance the look on their face, but, they never realize that there are so many different reasons that come together and effect the look on their face.

In order to maintain that look on your skin, you have to be aware of all the different reasons that effect your skin and pay attention anything that can have negative effect on your skin.

Our skin is very sensitive and there are so many things that would make us look tired and dull.

UV rays

The harsh rays of sun can cause dark spots and even lead to early signs of aging. If you want to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the the uv rays buy a sunscreen and make sure you leave your house without applying the cream. It is not only the sun rays that you should be worried about when you leave the house. The smog and the pollution just add the troubles for your skin.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid is basically a lifestyle problem. Our hormones react to our way of living in the ways that we cannot imagine. Thyroid has a massive effect on the weight of the person suffering, some suffer from major weight loss without any other reason and some start gaining weight but that is not the only thing that they have a affect on. People start noticing dull skin, brittle nails and even face from hair loss.

Sleeping with make-up on

Make up does help us highlight the features of our face and also make us feel more confident and beautiful. People say that one should avoid make-up if they want their skin to look good in the long run but that is a myth. If you are using good beauty products if will have no harm on your skin, provided you take care of it too. You should always remove your make up before going to bed. Our skin needs to breathe and by sleeping with the make up on we hamper that and with the lack of oxygen on the skin, the skin starts looking dull.

Lack of sufficient sleep

Not sleeping properly is never a good choice. Lack of sleep effects our health in many ways. People who do not sleep properly suffer from various emotional and physical problems and if it stretches for a long period of time it can even lead to mental health issues. People who do not get full sleep also start suffering from dental problems. Sleep apnea is the most common dental problem that people have reported and it can lead to serious health issues like heart diseases.

It has a reciprocate effect on the health, so people that suffer from dental problems can have problem sleeping too. If you face such problems, you should get a sleep apnea mouth guard for yourself and make sure you get a full sleep.


Staying hydrated is the best way to look young. Drinks lots of water throughout the way to wash away the toxins from the body and look younger.

Eating habits

What we eat is definitely reflected on our skin. People who have a habit of consuming lots of junk food and carbonated drinks look duller as against those who eat more fresh green fruits and vegetables. In fact, eating healthy is the easiest way to look more young and beautiful. You can add fresh juices to your diet if you do not feel like eating the fruits and still get the young glow back on your face.


Smoking has brought no one any good. It is a harmful addiction and one must try to quit smoking no matter how difficult it is. Smoking makes people weak and also make them look tired and dull all day long no matter what good food they consume.