How To Start Running: Get Started with Motivational Tips

How to Start Running: Get Started with Motivational Tips

Author: William Benetton

Motivation is a thing that doesn’t simply come by itself and happens randomly, you need to work constantly to keep yourself motivated no matter the activity or goal you have ahead. This happens especially when it comes to running, motivation is a key ingredient that can influence the entire workout in a positive or negative way.

If you are experiencing problems with motivation or you are just starting to think about getting motivated to go out running, these tips will constitute a great source of inspiration.


Run with Friends

Just like with many other activities, the social aspect of running can represent the key for success. Running with friends or buddies has multiple positive effects, besides the obvious of having company while you run. It can work wonders with motivation too since you might have a bad day and running might be the last thing you want to do, however, if your running buddy reminds you that you have a run scheduled, you will find ways of getting yourself up and ready. If you don’t already have a running buddy, you can easily find a running club locally or recruit co-workers or friends to run with you.

Track Your Progress

You can easily keep a track of your progress and stay motivated by keeping a training log and record all of your data. You don’t need anything complicated, a notebook or a calendar where you write notes with the date from your runs is simply more than enough. Of course, you need to write down things like the date of the run, mileage, time spent or even a few words about how you felt during the run.

Of course, a fitness tracker will do all of that for you, however, you still have to make sure to download the data and properly analyze it in order to view your progress, or lack of it, and react accordingly.  No matter how you choose to keep track of your running stats, looking back at the data from when you started running will always give you a nice feeling of accomplishment and an extra incentive to go running again.

Use a Mantra

Alright, perhaps many persons may not really want to get on board with this one. It’s nothing weird to having a mantra to help you stay centered and focused. It can be a word or a short phrase that you play in your head while running and activate your inner motivation. Mantras are extremely efficient in those moments when you feel like giving up is the only option. They can work wonders with your mindset and motivation – and keep you going for that extra mile. It will make the difference between failing or achieving your goal.


Discuss It with Other Runners

Whenever you feel that you’re losing motivation or you don’t have the guts to start running, talking with friends or other people that run on a regular basis might provide a lot of help. Social media is a very powerful tool in that direction, as you can easily connect with a lot of other like-minded runners and even find groups and communities that are linked by this activity.

Hearing about other runners’ experiences and difficulties might provide the nudge needed to keep you going or getting started with running altogether.

Make Sure to Reward Yourself

Just like with everything else in life, allowing you some rewards every now and then will make running and the effort you put into it, a lot more pleasant and easy to manage. No matter if you are thinking about buying new running gear, go to a massage center and treat yourself or even a new fitness tracking device, anything you can do to reward yourself will act as a positive reinforcement and will help you keep up the good work.

Also, getting a massage every now and then is excellent for preventing injuries and having more relaxed muscles that will be able to sustain a longer period of effort.

Don’t Think ‘All or Nothing’

Even when you don’t have enough time to do your entire workout, don’t think that if there’s not enough time for the full workout, you shouldn’t go out at all. Even a shorter workout or just the warm-up followed by a mile of running will help you maintain fit and ready for your next workout.

It’s only natural that you will miss some running sessions due to work, family or other unpredictable events, however, you should never skip running altogether even if time doesn’t allow a full workout.


So, there you go. Now you have some clear tips and indications on what to do to keep yourself motivated and with the right mindset when it comes to running and living a healthy life.

All you need to do now is apply them and you will get fitter and happier in no time. Good luck!

About the author: William Benetton loves to travel and write about everything, he is a freelancer. Also, he is a web designer and if you are interested in you can see his web-design project right now. He can’t imagine his life without travel, sport, self-improvement and sweet coffee.