Set Your Fitness goals

Its that one time in the year where your neighborhood gym is jam packed with new comers.

You will certainly find those who have fitness and weight loss as one of their new year goals. There will also be a spike in the joggers and walkers you see on the streets, beaches and parks. Though all this effort is done with good intentions, it will be done in vane if the fitness goals that you set are unrealistic.

It is important to us as it should be to you, to manage your expectations in order to keep your resolution to become a better person. Here are three key ingredients in order to do such.

Be true to you.

Be brutally honest with yourself when embarking on any fitness journey. Solicit a partner to be also brutally honest, to keep you to your challenge. If you are a busy person, analyze your schedule and prioritize. What is important must be slotted in first and then what is not, will have to fill in any remaining empty slots. Remember, NOTHING in your busy schedule can be accomplished if your heart fails. Also, you don’t necessarily have to visit the gym everyday neither do you have to put in two-hour long workout sessions each time. Know what will work for you and adjust to suit. Again, the use of a confidant and friend to work-out with you may be just what some of us need. There is nothing wrong with getting a personal trainer if you can afford one.


Find your balance.

Are you a morning person or are you an evening person? If you are not a morning person, then please do not expect to be committed to early morning exercise. It may work for the first month or two but be honest with yourself. Do you prefer to join a gym, go jogging on the outdoors, play a sport or would you rather exercise in the comfort of your home? Choose the one you know you are most likely to keep up with daily. You could even switch it up and attend the gym some days and do a beach or park jog on others. Do not opt to exercise at home if you know you are a shirker. Chances are you will not complete half of your workouts because some of us quit to easily.


Stay committed.

After you have been honest with yourself and you’ve found your balance you must stick to it! Commitment is the only thing that will take you through to the end. Find that inner motivation and constantly reflect on the reason why you started and remember your goals. If needed, get a dedicated fitness person as your exercise partner. We all need a little help along the way to keep us on track. Get a journal, maybe a video journal or a written diary, but chronicling the pathway also gives you motivation. Some of our members have opted to have our experts probing and prodding to keep going, as well as keeping the motivation up.

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