5 Benefits of Morning Workouts

5 Benefits of Morning Workouts

Article by: Nature Supplies

Although setting your alarm for a 6 a.m. start or possibly earlier, and squeezing in an exercise session before work may sound like your worst nightmare, I am here to convince you that by switching your workouts from evenings to morning could really transform your life .

If you are not a morning person then the hardest part could easily be getting out of your bed an hour earlier. However you may be able to thank yourself later on in the day when you are full of energy and have so much more time to do the things that you really want to do.

A couple of tips that I have found useful when I began to work out in the mornings were laying out my exercise clothes, the night before, and also putting my alarm clock a few more feet away from the bed. Doing this meant that I had to physically get up to switch it off.

But really what does switching to a morning exercise routine do?

Here goes:

1. Boosts Metabolism
Starting your day off with a workout really boosts your metabolism and it also mean that you could easily burn more calories than if you were to exercise in the afternoon or evening. Did you know that you continue to burn calories several hours after working out?  Therefore any food that you consume following your morning workout will be turned into an energy source and will help to replenish your body. Yes – you will need this!

You also move about more during the day which will also accelerate the calorie burning process opposed to an evening workout in which you will invariably go to bed afterwards.

2. It’s easier to get into a routine
How many times have you had the best intentions of exercising after work but never actually got around to it?

We all have busy lives, and things will often crop up over the course of a day which means you will have to give your workout a miss. We all know we’ve gone through this so often. Sometimes you may just feel too tired to drag yourself to the gym. If you took a really close look, very few appointments, social events and other gatherings are scheduled for early in the morning, which means you will have no excuse not to get up and get that workout done.

You can then spend the evenings doing all the things you really want to do like catching up with friends or watching a good film.

3. Increases Productivity
Not only will you see the physical benefits of your morning exercise regime but you will also start to notice how it can improve other aspects of your life. A morning workout will leave you feeling refreshed, alert and ready to attack the day. The endorphins released from exercise will put you in a positive frame of mind before work and help to increase your productivity. Who don’t want to feel this?

4. Improves Sleep
One thing that is for certain is this – If you workout out early in the morning, then you’ll definitely be ready for bed come the evening or night time. Alternatively, working out just before bedtime can actually prevent a good night’s sleep as your body will still be full of adrenaline.

5. You make healthier food choices
If you’ve managed to get up early to complete a really tough workout then you’ll not want to undo all the good work by eating unhealthily. A morning workout will therefore encourage you to make better food choices throughout the day.

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